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There are so many new people on my page and lots of messages asking who I am. So hello there! My name is Danielle Crosby and I am a survivor of domestic violence and every type of abuse that you could imagine. I started this page when I needed to get out my thoughts and feelings and figure out how to process things still.

Currently, I am happily married with my husband whom I share a daughter with, and he adopted our boys that are from our abuser, but that is all they got from him besides trauma, was his DNA. When my husband adopted the boys it was a blessing because the Judge that allowed our abuser to sign off his rights, was the same one that oversaw the adoption process and it happened in less then 2 weeks and he remembered the case even though it had been 7 years. When the adoption went through, thankfully our abuser was fully removed from the birth certificate so there is literally no trace of him, and my husband was put on it so it looks like we have been together since my oldest was born

I went through so many years of abuse with our abuser. Besides just physical and sexual abuse, there was financial abuse, obviously the isolation, breaking of my phones, moving states away, cheating on me constantly and taking the only vehicle to go do this (which was mine), dating girls he worked with while I was home pregnant, multiple fake social media accounts, dating apps, and so much more that I could go on about.

The ONLY reason why I finally was able to stand up to him was because of what he had done to my second child. Jaxon almost died at 3 months old due to 30 multiple rib fractures and a broken clavicle bone. I only knew something was wrong because I came home from work one night to blood in his bassinet. My oldest son, Brayden, is missing the middle portion of his brain, and at the time we were told it was that he won the lottery but a bad one. Turns out, when the abuse about Jaxon came to light, they informed me that all the times I was punched in the stomach when I was pregnant with Brayden, until I puked up blood, is what caused his brain to stop growing because of the trauma in utero.

There is SO much more to our story and that is what caused me to write my first book. At first, it was just to help counselors out, and I wrote it but never reread it because I couldn't bring myself to. Little did I know, until 2 years later when I read it, that there are so many mistakes in my writing, but I just needed to get it out. I only planned to distribute about 10-20 but then I started selling them literally all over the world. I have shipped to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and even more places. My second book was to help people realize obstacles with more then just an intimate partner in their life, and what had happened since to us. The third book is 34 women I know that wanted to share their story in a safe way.

I still am so vocal because it doesn't end when you get out of the relationship. The trauma and mental abuse and damage never just "goes away" like people think it should. We still got harassed and stalked by our abuser's family, and specifically his mom, and then eventually his little brother and his aunts. So many physical threats, just showing where it all came from with him. Narcissism and abuse runs deep in that family and it is genuinely sad. I even had to obtain a PPO on his mother and then his aunts would threaten me even more.

The proceeds of everything on my site go to helping women and children that need help. I have a whole system that I go through with each person.

I worked for a while as the Domestic Violence Victim Legal Advocate at our local shelter and worked with the police and Prosecuting Attorneys Office.

I just want to keep helping people, breaking the stigma and raising awareness. I was even awarded the Person of the Year Award in our county in 2020. I have organized walks, fundraisers, host self defense classes and more and I don't plan on stopping, I even had a podcast. I have gone into prisons and jails and spoken. I have been a guest speaker on podcasts, behavioral health summit panels, domestic violence panels, I have gone to my college, Trine University, and was the keynote speaker for Take Back the Night and so much more.

NO ONE deserves to ever go through ANY form of abuse. You are NOT alone. This is not a PERSONAL problem. This is a SOCIETAL and COMMUNITY PROBLEM.

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