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Anonymous Warrior

This was sent to me by a warrior who wishes to remain anonymous:

I was 20 and he was was 34 when we met. I know the age difference is horrible and I should have just walked away. In the beginning it was all sunshine and rainbows, you know that "puppy love". We were partying alot. With partying came the drugs. Meth to be exact. He was doing it at first I was too scared to try it. Then the abuse started. And boy that first time he beat me good. We were both drinking when we got into the argument. We were living in a hotel at the time and he was trying to leave me with no money after I had paid for the room for the week and bought all his beer. That's when it all started. He picked me up body slammed me onto the hotel floor and started smashing my face the carpet. When he finally got off me I called the cops. They made me leave so I did. I went back later on that night the get my glasses that were left there. When I got there he has punched himself in the face several time and called the cops on me trying to say I did it. After that night I didn't see him for about 4 months. We picked up where we left off. Only this time I tried meth and got hooked. I was being hit all the time. There were different girls coming in and out all the time. The money was flying in from selling. I had to do everything he wanted me to do because if I didn't I was getting hit and told I was worthless and no one was ever going to love me the way he did. And I believed. I got so caught up with the man who I thought loved me that I was looking at a murder charge, drug charge, and several other charges. But one night after days of being awake I had come down off my high and decided enough was enough. The second he went to sleep I knew that I had to leave then because if didnt I was never going to get out of this unless I went to prison or dead. So I stole his car and drove. I sat in a parking lot that night for six hours while I waited for my cousins to wake up. I called my sister that next morning and she came and got me. I left everything I owned at this monsters house. I had nothing so I thought. But I did have something. I had my life I had my freedom. Three long months later after I got clean I met the love of my life. We now have a one year old together a d are expecting our second child. He knew about everything that happened. I never lied to him about it but he accepted me for who I was. He loves me that much more because I was strong enough to make it out.

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