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Cassy Maynard

My dad was really abusive to me my entire life. Say things to me like I was worthless and that he hated me. He tried to kill me more than once. I spent a lot of time at my Nana's house because every time i would go over there i would have bruises everywhere and she would keep me there until she had to send me back home. Both of my parents were drug addicts and my dad was an alcoholic. This one time, few years after my dad got out of prison for killing someone; I was about 17 he pinned me to the front door for saying the word whatever to him. He proceeded to not only choke me but tell me he was going to kill me and watch me take my last breath and how he wouldn't give a damn about me when I was gone. He tried to punch my face through the glass on the front door. I blocked his punch and he instantly got furious. My brother stood up and saved me from whatever it was my dad was about to do to me. I ran out of the house bare foot, in shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter. And ran 6 blocks to my Nana's house where I banged on her door until she answered. My mother was on a cruise so she was not home ( not that it would do any good having her there, there was only a hand full of times my mom had my back while my dad was hitting me. She was to scared of him coming after her too, so 90% of the time she just let him beat me.) I stayed with my Nana until my mom came back. And my mom was told what happened when she got back and called me a liar even though I wore bruises around my throat. My mother was abusive to me sometimes as well, not as bad as my dad was but she had her moments as well. Kicking me in the stomach with steel toed boots on, things like that. Being raised the way I was and getting hit by my father until I was 19, that was the last time he ever put his hands on me. Made me dive into drugs and alcohol really bad to the point I almost died. I also used to cut myself and was on a serious self destructive path. I had a huge wake up call however when I almost died and my sister told me that it was either the drugs and alcohol or my nieces. So I sobered up and got my life back on track and realized that I was letting them win and the only person I was hurting was myself and they didn't care. I now have a good relationship with my father but as of April of this year I no longer speak to my bother because she attacked me in front and tried to get me arrested. However, it didn't work because my niece told the cops what happened and that's the only thing that saved me from getting arrested for something I didn't do. Never let any form of negativity in your life. If you can control it. Regardless of who it is. That's what I learned. When I had my car accident in 2017 and could have and should have died but walked away with just a few bruises thankfully, I realized my dad did love me. And I am thankful that we were able to establish a relationship I just wish that it could've happened years ago.

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