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I am curious as to how someone who has stage 4 Lymphatic cancer supposedly would be out looking for a new job? Like a job in the public. I wonder how someone who has stage 4 Lymphatic cancer would not have such an immune compromised system that they should be out working in the public and being exposed to so many people and things. Now don't get me wrong, I am fully okay if he ends up having his immune system even more compromised and it ends up speeding along the process of Karma with help. BUT it is just odd. Maybe he is feeling like he can't get laid right now by girls on social media because I have made it my mission to always warn people and no matter where he goes, it will not stop. Ever.

But, now an abuser of women and children thinks that he should be allowed to have a job in the public eye around people daily. Maybe he is scoping out his next victim? I wouldn't doubt it. But how terrifying is that?

Good thing is that the majority of the business owners around here now know who he is, and I have gotten multiple messages from people asking if that is him and I am sure to tell them the truth. This monster is a danger to society. Cancer or not, he clearly doesn't have a problem trying to set up dates with girls that have kids.

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