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Find your tribe

So last weekend I did a photo shoot with a group of women. I had this idea, because last year I had wanted to do a witchy shoot and only 2 people, besides myself, did it. This year I made a post and over 40 women wanted to do it. I had 8 women, including me, that did do it.

I was so nervous and anxious because I had not met the majority of these women in person. BUT it turned out to be the most empowering time that I had had in YEARS!

We were all so positive and uplifting with each other. Everyone was so encouraging.

I have a lot of friends, and even more acquaintances. I have people who message me every day that I have helped them in some way, BUT I still find myself wishing that I had a group of women that I could just get together and we could just be around ea

ch other and feed each other positive energy. I found these women last weekend.

I couldn't be more grateful for them. It may take years. And mind you, I have a handful of best friends but they all live all over the place, far away, except for two. It was amazing to finally find a TRIBE of women, who are all so different, yet we all connected. Turns out we all have the same experiences, even if they are bad. We understood each other. We had each other's backs. We had fun. We laughed nonstop.

I found my tribe, and I know that everyone's is out there. Step outside of your box and I bet you will find yours too.

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