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How fitting ..

How fitting is it that today is National Son Day and I am fighting against our abuser to keep him away from us for longer? I know that most people say that you shouldn’t call your child your hero, because you should be theirs... but these two are my heroes.

Jaxon survived almost dying with 30 multiple rib fractures, a punctured lung and a broken collar bone at 3 months old. He has learned how to cope with his anger and aggression and he continues to amaze me daily.

Brayden has literally overcome every obstacle that the neurosurgeons said he would have. They said he’d basically just be a vegetable and never have quality of life. His brain rewired itself completely.

How can I not say that these two are my heroes? They have endured in only the first few years of their life, what no one should go through their entire life, or ever.

Yet here they are. My hero’s. And they both have the biggest hearts, full of so much love, more than I’ve ever seen.

Happy National Son day to my heroes. I love you both so much.

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