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Jaxon Counseling Update

The counselor said that she’s never seen such an extreme trauma case on such a young child and she’s been doing it a long time 💔 I laid everything out there about what happened with Jaxon that I still don’t fully tell in my book or to anyone else .. she said she will start seeing him weekly and it may not always be pretty but we are gonna dive deep and help him..

She is even consulting with another counselor who knows even more about childhood trauma. We are also going to be working on slowly making Jaxon understand what happened to him. It’s going to be a process but it needs to happen so Jaxon can heal and slowly start to understand.

Today I also learned about the differences between a child acting out in general or a child acting out due to childhood trauma that they remember or that may have caused their brain to rewire. It is all such a hard pill to swallow BUT I am happy I am making sure he’s getting help now.

The things going on with him now are getting so much worse and we just want him to have a happy and healthy childhood. We got you little man 💙💙

PLEASE no comments on different remedies or things to help him. We are so overwhelmed with information right now.

And pleaseeeee if your child went through something or if you know that they need help, make sure they get it. It’s hard to handle and admit but it’s the best thing for them 💙💙

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