Lies on lies on lies

It just never really ends does it? The lies and manipulation from abusers? Supposedly, our abuser has stage 4 lymphatic cancer and is bed ridden. This weekend though I found out how untrue that is. Our abuser is busy trying to make dates and plans with girls who have kids and talking about how he "loves kids and thinks that they deserve the world." Which I truly hope is a joke. He tried to murder his youngest child at 3 months old and beat me so much when I was pregnant that my oldest child is missing the middle portion of his brain.

Yes, my boys are miracles and they're alive and overcoming so much. BUT they should not have had to go through what they did just so this monster can go and finally follow through and kill a child.

Monsters do NOT change, they simply shed their skin and become bigger monsters that are stealthier and more adaptable.

He has been out with his little brother joy riding and taking selfies and according to messages with 2 other girls, he will just have to walk with a cane. So as far as the cancer really hurting him and removing him from this planet, we are not that lucky that karma is taking out the full amount that he owes yet.

How is this okay though? How is this monster allowed to just do whatever he wants and continue to play the system?!

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