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Life without abuse

By Eula Sparks

The hardest thing was leaving

As I picked up my daughter and fled.

The last thing I seen was him,

Passed out, on the bed.

The abuse had gotten to where I couldn't take it anymore.

I was scared of him, of being alone,

What will I do I thought, as I walked out the door.

The SAFE HOUSE was close

So I didn't have far to drive.

I have called before I left,

so they knew when I would arrive.

Everyone was so nice, as the door opened wide.

All I need it time, more time, to help me decide.

Staying at the shelter was different

Not knowing anyone.

But everyone helped me to adjust,

my LIFE WITHOUT ABUSE had begun.

My daughter had some problems

But we've finally worked them out.

My group therapy went well

It helped to hear what other's lives were about.

I couldn't believe how much they cared

and the people who gave.

They helped me to know

That it was possible to be brave.

After a few weeks

I was still so afraid of him.

My nights were filled with fear,

Worrying--my future seemed dim.

He tried to contact me

He found out where I was.

The shelter staff advised him

What would happen if he does.

My stay at the shelter was almost over and I knew,

Without their help it would be tough,

But with God I would make it through.

I have an apartment now,

And soon my daughter and I will move in.

When this happens

our new LIFE WITHOUT ABUSE will begin

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