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Small wins to some, big wins for us.

These may seem like small feats to most but for Brayden we had two really big wins today.

We have watched Brayden struggle with multiple day to day activities because he does still struggle with some gross motor skills. We have spent MONTHS attempting to get Brayden to understand how to tie his shoes, or even just a trash bag, and every time we fall short. He tries so hard and the moment he gets it, it seems almost like as soon as it clicks, it is gone. You can see the look of pure frustration and disappointment on his face and that he genuinely forgot what he was just doing. Jayden has been beyond patient with him and made it a father son thing to teach him how to do it, so I just stepped back.

The other thing Brayden struggles with is his eye patch. Since he had his major eye surgery things seemed better for a while but his eye is struggling again. We may have to revisit surgery in the future but in the mean time something we can do is patch his eye for a couple hours every day. This has been a struggle. There has been lots of tears. Lots of frustration. Lots of not understanding. I cannot imagine having to patch over your good eye to make your bad eye strengthen and it gives him headaches and it has to be extremely uncomfortable. It is also really hard to have a conversation with a young boy that if he doesn't patch his eye he may not be able to get a license when he is older because his eye could legit become blind in the future if he doesn't strengthen it and use it more.

Well, today is the SECOND day in a row that we came home and he put on his eye patch, with no tears, and all on his own!! AND while the boys were doing their chores, Brayden decided to get the bathroom trash out AND HE TIED THE BAG. ALL ON HIS OWN!

Could not be more proud of him! Two big wins for him today that to most people are small day to day tasks, and it is taken for granted. Even better that when I point out how proud of him I am, both Jaysa and Jaxon chime in on how proud of him they are too. Can't wait for Jayden to get home so I can have Brayden tell him himself.

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