This whole path has been a whirlwind. I have been asked to speak at the Hope House in Jonesville, Michigan which is a rehab home. I have been asked to speak at our local Jail in Hillsdale, Michigan. I have had the honor to speak to both males and females at both places in hopes to help people better understand the dynamics of domestic violence.

Some people I have spoken to, don't want to admit that they are an abuser, or that they have even been abused. Some people truly didn't even know that they were an abuser, or that they have been abused, because they thought it was normal for the life that they had lead. I have tried to let all of them know that we have to come to terms with our past before we can move forward.

I am not naive and I know that I am not going to change everyone, or everything. But, I truly hope to change the perspective for some people, so that way there is some movement in the change or awareness, and perspective on domestic violence.

I have had the honor of speaking to the public, at the local Library in Hillsdale as well.

I will also be speaking at the Cotton Prison in Jackson, Michigan. I do hope to one day be on a TED talk to better inform people and make a movement happen.

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