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I want to make my first blog on here a big THANK YOU to all of the overwhelming support I have received. This was a very big step for me, and multiple people tried to make me be quiet. I have such a supportive family system from my fiance, to my parents, to my siblings, and my numerous cousins, aunts and uncles. I have so many friends that have helped me along the way find my voice again and this is a journey that I do NOT take lightly. I hope to break the stigma on people feeling ashamed when they are in Domestic Violence situations. I hope to break the stigma on the families of the abusers thinking that it is okay to still harass and traumatize the victims. I hope to break the stigma on so much more. I hope that more people see this as a beacon of light to want to share their stories. This book is not forever long, even though it took me years to write. I had to take months away from it just to get back out of that tortured mindset. I have personal journal entries in my book when I was being abused. It took a lot to bare what I have shared in this book but I hope that someone will read it and know what red flags to look for. I hope that someone will see my face on the cover and see themselves in it, or even their victim, and realize that this is not right and this is not what the norm should be. I hope that by being brave enough to share just this small snippet of my past, that this will help someone. What I shared is only maybe 1/20 of what I went through and not even some of the worst parts. I am completely open to any questions that anyone has and please don't be afraid to ask. 

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