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Upcoming Surgery

So first this upcoming copy & paste post is from my Facebook

May 2, 2017

Home from the hospital. All he wanted afterwards was for me to cuddle him. He bleeds from the eyes when he cries and it's swollen and red but he was a trooper. They had to do more surgery than first expected because it was worse than they thought but they said they're thoroughly impressed with how well he did. You can tell his throat hurts from the tube though. I'm just so thankful it's over.

Now fast forward to now. Brayden was struggling right before school started this year with his bladder. They thought that maybe he had a UTI, but that test came back negative. Another thought, was that in young boys, diabetes shows up with some of the symptoms he was showing. The diabetes test also came back negative. Then we were sent to the Hospital to get an ultrasound of his bladder. The first ultrasound showed that there was some sort of mass in his bladder. We were referred to U of M to see a specialist, especially since he is a little boy. The first person we saw was beyond horrible, and that is the nicest thing I can say. She didn't look at his ultrasound, she didn't open up anything in her system about him. She brushed everything away and put things in her notes, about me agreeing it was nothing, that were completely false. We drove almost 2 hours to spend less than 5 minutes in her office.

I called Brayden's day to day doctor and spoke to him about it. We were then referred to Bronson to see another specialist. Completely to our surprise we drove over an hour there and the person we see is another U of M Specialist, who is partners with the first one we saw. He did the same thing and the first thing he said was, "oh yep my partner saw him and she said this so I agree with it." No questions. No help. Just another brush off. That same specialist wanted to do a follow up by video and I said yes just so we could leave and we never did because it felt like a joke once again.

Brayden's doctor decided that the best course of action would be for us to just keep an eye on it, and do an ultrasound every couple months. This last time, it grew. The next thing to do was to attempt to find a specialist not associated with the first or second person we had previously seen. My husband, Brayden and I went down to Toledo, Ohio and saw a specialist last week. Now our son is going to be having surgery in June to get it taken out and pray it is just a cyst, but still get it tested.

I just feel so bad for him. He has had so much happen to him and he is just about to turn 9. I wish he would get a break at some point. My little superman.

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