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Well he is out..

Our abuser is out of prison. It is funny though, I really thought that I would be looking over my shoulder and worried about things but in all honesty, with how blessed I have felt lately with everything in my life, most of the time I don't even think about. It still does stress me out and sometimes I find myself worrying but then I remember what is the worst thing him and his family can do now? Harass and stalk some more? Go for it. Hurt me physically? Go for it. They cannot do any more damage then they have already done.

My family and I recently all had COVID. The kids were doing great though, besides just being tired and random headaches, they still just wanted to be outside and play. My husband is still recovering but I am about 90% good. I still get exhausted but my asthma was really bad. I truly couldn't breathe so many times and really thought that I was going to die. My husband, even though he had COVID too, he still was more focused on myself and my lack of being able to breathe. I would find myself gasping for breathe and he would run to me and he made sure I had my inhaler and he was making sure that I slept and he was making me tea. For some reason I thought of my abuser. I remember when I just normally had my asthma act up and I was gasping for breath he would make fun of me. Legit make fun of me. It just made me even more grateful for my husband than I already am.

So what if he is out of prison? Granted I believe he didn't get the justice that was needed but he has fucked up his life. He will never amount to anything now and thankfully he will never have access to the boys. I am blessed and he thought he broke me, but really, he just broke himself.

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