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So life has been a whirlwind lately. I had someone, who I thought believed in the mission I live for, come into the store and steal all of the money and even some of my belongings. I have been in contact with the police, a detective and an attorney. I just feel like I am starting at scratch in certain ways. Well, I felt that way. The amount of support from all the way to dispatch who knew my name, to the officers, to the community, to my family and friends and to my landlord was phenomenal. With all of their support I have decided to keep the store open but to take it in a slightly different direction, but still with the sole purpose of healing and empowering those around us who need it so dearly.

I will be back to using this website more, and I know that I need to update things and tweak things as it has been a while since I have had the time to get on here and do all of this. Things will finally settle down soon and things will level out.

With such a huge support system and so many people still coming to me it just shows that the right move has been made.

You cannot make someone be a good person, and if you can literally steal from a store, and know that you legally don't have claim to it, then nothing can fix the damage done. This person even used my abuser's family against me in scenarios and thought it was something that could just be let go of. It is not okay.

I just cannot express how much that it taught me and also told me to go with my gut, which is why I had still had up a wall of some kind. Sometimes the abusers in your life are the ones that you don't think are there because they do not show up as a significant other. And the ones that manipulate and make posts about you but then say how much they "love" you and your family, that is called gaslighting.

Please watch your surroundings and know that someone who has so much evil truly in them, so much that a whole community is coming to you with concerns about THEM and even stopped coming into a place you thought was a safe space, simply because they didn't feel comfortable around them, that person will never be a person who should be in your life for more than a season.

They will play their pity party and want to spread tons of lies, but continue to keep the high road because THAT is what everyone notices and appreciates from you because of all the good you have done, while they just want to use you to make their name big too, but people recognized it.

Stay true to you. Listen to your gut. Know that you matter more and when you feel like you have your energy and self back again simply because they are no longer clouding you, know that it is because that is exactly what they did. Those people are energy vampires and do not deserve your time.

I love you all and I am so happy that I am ME again and that the mission is back in full force how it was.

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