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Empowerment Candle Intention Kits

Empowerment Candle Intention Kits

Burn these candles as needed depending on what you need and carry the stones with you or have them near you depending on what you need. All the information for them is as follows and the candles are numbered on the bottom to correlate so you know what is what.



(1) Peppermint: Uplifting and helps to stimulate physical 


(2) Rosemary:  Used for protection and cleansing, as well

as love, healing & feminine power

(3) Rose Petals:  Used to heal any trauma or nervous energy

(4) Chamomile:  Used to relax, soothe frazzled nerves and luck


Snowflake Obsidian: Embrace your shadow to love your 


Sodalite: Helps accept your authentic self. Be You!

Amazonite: Helps calm nerves so you can be you in front

of others


Bay Leaf: Burn while welcoming in the light of the sun into 

your home, inviting blessings, breaking curses, reversing bad 

luck and healing.


Use intention paper to write out what you intend and 

either burn it or bury it.

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