Author of It's Not Your Fault, Rising from the Ashes: Only Human and Survivor Strong AND Motivational Speaker; Owner of Survivors Strong

I want to help people better understand the dynamics of Domestic Violence and the effects of it long after. 

I have a long term goal of bringing back The Battered Women's Movement in full force, since it has seemed to slowly disappear. 

I have spoken multiple times at the Hillsdale County Jail in Hillsdale, Michigan and the Hope House in Jonesville, Michigan. I have also spoken on a Domestic Violence Panel in Adrian, Michigan, the Hillsdale Community Library and it was open to the public, as well as the Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, Michigan. I have also done a speaking engagement for the Behavioral Health Summit in Jackson, Michigan. 

I was the keynote speaker at my Alma Mater, Trine University for Take Back the Night. I was also the first interview guest for Hutton Forensics with the phenomenal Dr. Erica Hutton. I have been a guest speaker on Podcasts, as well as having my own. 

When there are events coming up, they are listed towards the bottom of this page, under EVENTS.  



I was voted by the people in our county, out of quite a few other people, to be the best person of the year. I never thought this was a thing, let alone possible. I am so grateful though that I have been told numerous times that I have changed people's live. All I ever wanted was to help one person, and now I have helped plently more than that.